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Aug 15, 2023
Li, Jessie; Min, Jason; Leung, Larry, 2023, "A Two-Eyed Seeing Framework for Building Indigenous Health Courses in Pharmacy ", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP3/NRQQHF, Borealis, V1
In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action #23 and #24, health programs across Canada, including pharmacy, are integrating course content related to Indigenous Health and cultural safety. However, there is a paucity of literature on how to respectful...
Aug 15, 2023
Young, Emma; Min, Jason; Leung, Larry, 2023, "Perceptions of Online Community-based Student Projects: Building Sustainability and Reciprocity with Indigenous Partners", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP3/2WDQ0N, Borealis, V1
In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action, Indigenization efforts across Canadian healthcare programs have seen increases in Indigenous health and cultural safety training. It is well-established that community-based learning is an effective strateg...
Aug 15, 2023
Whitmore, Brandon; Min, Jason; Leung, Larry, 2023, "Developing a Pairing System for Students Participating in Community-Based Projects", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP3/OQAZWM, Borealis, V1
Students who participate in community-based projects are challenged by the broad breadth of activities and unique needs of partners, leading to a potential mismatch of necessary skills/interests, interpersonal conflict, and an underwhelming experience by both parties. Pre-determi...
Aug 15, 2023
Giesbrecht, Naomi; Shukla, Kruti; Leung, Larry; Min, Jason, 2023, "The Power of Stories: Examining the Impact of Storytelling on Learners", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP3/JYT6QB, Borealis, V1
Indigenous story-telling is vital for the transmission of oral histories from generation to generation. In a local First Nation, storytelling comes in the form of creation stories and individual stories. A Land-based Healing Cultural Support Worker and community partner has been...
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