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Jun 23, 2021 - 2011 - 2021 OA APCs
Morrison, Heather et al., 2021, "2011 - 2021 OA APCs",, Borealis, V1
This piece provides documentation on the dataset DOAJ 2021 plus, developed for the article Open access journals & article processing charges 2011 – 2021. This is a rich metadata set, with a primary focus on article processing charges (APC) data that also includes a great deal of...
2011 - 2021 OA APCs(University of Ottawa)
Jun 23, 2021
Datasets to accompany the article Open access journals & article processing charges 2011 – 2021.
Feb 10, 2021
Directory of Open Access Journals; Zhao, Xuan; Borges, Luan; Morrison, Heather, 2021, "DOAJ_metadata_2021_01_05_with_SKC_clean_up",, Borealis, V1
This is a cleaned up version of the Jan. 5, 2021 Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) metadata file. The file was opened in Unicode to retain non-English characters, a problem with information appearing in the wrong characters was corrected, and a second version of the publis...
Dec 18, 2019
Morrison, Heather; Villamizar, César; Mondésir, Guinsly; Calvé-Genest, Alexis, 2019, "OA APC - Subject Analysis – Statistic Frequency & Coding",, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:7/jt5ajlhjqik0HosFpQkA== [fileUNF]
Data for 2014 OA APC subject analysis
Nov 19, 2019
Morrison, Heather, 2019, "OA APC longitudinal study dataset 2019",, Borealis, V1
Data from a longitudinal study on open access article processing charges (2010 - 2019). Available in csv or excel format.
Apr 11, 2017
Morrison, Heather; Brutus, Widlyne; Dumais-Desrosier, Myriam; Laprade, Katherine; Merhi, Salah; Ouerghi, Arbia; Salhab, Jihane; Volkanova, Victoria; Wheatley, Sara, 2017, "Open access article processing charges 2016",, Borealis, V3
Abstract from accompanying documentation article: This article documents Open access article processing charges (OA APC) Main 2016 available for download from the OA APC dataverse, an update and expansion of the preliminary 2015 dataset described in Data [1]. This dataset was gat...
May 12, 2016
Morrison, Heather, 2016, "Elsevier open access sample 2016",, Borealis, V1
Data relating to open access from a sample of 50 Elsevier journals, May 12, 2016.
Nov 25, 2015
Morrison, Heather; Salhab, Jihane; Mondésir, Guinsly; Calvé-Genest, Alexis; Villamizar, César; Desautels, Lisa, 2015, "Open access article processing charges longitudinal study 2015 preliminary dataset",, Borealis, V3
One of the lines of research of Sustaining the Knowledge Commons (SKC) is a longitudinal study of the minority (about a third) of the fully open access journals that use this business model. The original idea was to gather data during an annual two-week census period. The volume...
Oct 21, 2015
Morrison, Heather; Mondésir, Guinsly, 2015, "DOAJ publisher size analysis",, Borealis, V1
Journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals by publisher size.
May 24, 2015
Morrison, Heather, 2014, "Open access article processing charges May 2014.",, Borealis, V9
First annual census of open access article processing charges. This is part of the Sustaining the Knowledge Commons suite of research projects
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