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Sep 13, 2023 - Kate Sherren Dataverse
Howard, Samantha C; Sherren, Kate, 2023, "Survey of perspectives surrounding publicly available flood risk mapping in Bridgewater and Liverpool, Nova Scotia",, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:/LiGuVMEK+KtS+9M/J9M4g== [fileUNF]
These data were collected in winter 2021 through an online survey hosted on Opinio software. The survey was designed to understand the perspectives of publicly available flood risk mapping for residents of the towns of Bridgewater and Liverpool, in the South Shore region of Nova...
Sep 12, 2023 - Kate Sherren Dataverse
James, Patrick; Cornejo, Lara, 2023, "Understanding ecosystem service impacts of tidal wetlands after managed dyke realignment through causal loop diagrams",, Borealis, V1
This report explores ecological dynamics involved in the provision of three ecosystem services (blue carbon, storm protection, and fisheries) associated with existing and restored tidal wetlands in the context of managed dyke realignment. These dynamics are represented in causal...
Aug 16, 2023 - Dalhousie Librarian Knowledge Synthesis Search Materials Repository
Helwig, Melissa; Macdonald, Danielle, 2023, "Search Strategy for Experiences of Women who have Planned Unassisted Home Births in High-Resource Countries",, Borealis, V1
The notes field contains the full MEDLINE (Ovid) search strategy for unassisted births and qualitative experiences. The search file in this dataset contains the full strategies for Medline(OVID), CINAHL (EBSCO), Embase(Elsevier), Sociological Abstracts (ProQuest), Nursing & Allie...
Aug 11, 2023 - Kate Sherren Dataverse
Zhao, Qiqi; Cornejo, Lara; Manning, Paul; Sherren, Kate, 2023, "Biodiversity in the Bay of Fundy Dykelands: Insights from Citizen Science Data",, Borealis, V1
In this work, we collected eBird and iNaturalist observations in the Upper Bay of Fundy area (around the Minas Basin) from 2016-2021 to explore the utility of citizen science datasets in spatially restricted landscapes like dykelands and tidal wetlands with scarce primary biodive...
Ingonish Beach(Dalhousie University)
Aug 1, 2023Parks Canada Agency
Parks Canada Agency(Dalhousie University)
Aug 1, 2023Coastal Hydrology Lab
Jul 28, 2023 - Early environments for mink - enrichment strategies
Meagher, Rebecca, 2023, "Environmental enrichment use by juvenile mink",, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:xri4CaOjAVoKhdnI+dvxmw== [fileUNF]
Data supporting Frontiers in Animal Science publication on factors affecting enrichment use in farmed juvenile American mink
Rebecca Meagher(Dalhousie University)
Jul 28, 2023
Animal behaviour and welfare research data
Jul 26, 2023 - Richard Brown Dataverse
Fertan, Emre; Wong, Aimée; Garvock-de Montbrun, Thalia S; Purdon, Michaela K; Roddick, Kyle M; Yamamoto, Tohru; Brown, Richard E, 2023, "Early postnatal development of the MDGA2+/- mouse model of synaptic dysfunction",, Borealis, V1
Synaptic dysfunction underlies many neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs). The membrane-associated mucin domain-containing glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor proteins (MDGAs) regulate synaptic development by modulating neurexin–neuroligin complex formation. Since understanding the...
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