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Apr 24, 2024
Jackson, Brian, 2024, "Open Data Consent and Privacy Survey", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP3/STPYW7, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:frrRfdMiF6MgNyaz9jmbfQ== [fileUNF]
The dataset is from a survey of undergraduate students that measured engagement with the research participation consent process and attitudes and behaviours toward data privacy and security. The survey was conducted anonymously in 2023 using Qualtrics survey software.
Oct 5, 2023 - MRU Library Collection
Mount Royal University Library, 2023, "Canadian Association of Research Libraries Statistics", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP3/FZ7CTI, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:eRvWXVNxRDjVV+U6ZARK3w== [fileUNF]
Data submitted to the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) reporting on Mount Royal University Library's collections, services, and staff.
MRU Library Collection(Mount Royal University)
Oct 5, 2023
May 11, 2023
Smith, Erika; Storrs, Hannah, 2023, "Undergraduate Digital Literacies and Social Media Survey", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP3/YGMS7B, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:fVyPqqw2tVqTjV1M8nSUnw== [fileUNF]
This dataset is from a survey conducted in 2019 on social media and digital literacies in undergraduate learning. Data was collected using Survey Monkey and primary analysis was conducted using SPSS. The dataset accompanies our article published in the International Journal of Ed...
Mar 22, 2022
Chik, John, 2021, "Cosolute effects on p-nitrophenyl phosphate hydrolysis catalyzed by calf intestinal alkaline phosphatase", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP2/N7ZKXV, Borealis, V2, UNF:6:7crBAld7pObwchb3swuqag== [fileUNF]
This dataset will contain all the raw kinetic data (.csv), JupyterLab analysis files (.ipynb) and summary result files (.csv) for a soon to be published paper. Manuscripted has been submitted to ACS Omega (Manuscript ID: ao-2021-03243b)
Mar 14, 2022
Eubank, Breda; Lackey, Sebastian; Slomp, Mel; Werle, Jason; Kuntze, Colleen; Sheps, David, 2022, "Consensus for a Primary Care Clinical Decision-Making Tool for Assessing, Diagnosing, and Managing Shoulder Pain in Alberta, Canada", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP2/1SWOCI, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:7QcSulO68NVwT7Lhj5Ku/Q== [fileUNF]
This dataset presents the results of a modified Delphi approach for developing a primary care decision-making tool for shoulder pain in Alberta, Canada.
Apr 22, 2021
Jackson, Brian, 2021, "Open data requirements of library and information science journals", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP2/TQLZ6G, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:OlhxETyLz4B0AdZlU6BCIA== [fileUNF]
This dataset contains information about the open data policies of library and information science journals. Journal requirements for public data archiving and data availability statements, collected from journal websites, are included for 201 LIS publications.
Jan 8, 2021
Parnell, Jill; Erdman, Kelly Anne; Wagner-Jones, Kim; Madden, Robyn F.; Gammack, Nancy, 2021, "Dietary Restrictions in Endurance Runners", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP2/THOKY9, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:ZbJtav2NPCXz2/dikEb87g== [fileUNF]
This data set presents the results of a reliability and validity tested questionnaire designed to assess pre-race nutrition and exercise-induced gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms in runners with no medical conditions or allergies, runners with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or infla...
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