Cette collection contient les jeux de données produits par les chercheurs et chercheuses du RIVE. Réalisées par une équipe multidisciplinaire (écologie, biologie, géographie physique, aménagement du territoire), les recherches menées au RIVE posent un regard sur la diversité et l'hétérogénéité des processus naturels et culturels qui influencent le fonctionnement des écosystèmes aquatiques et des hydrosystèmes du bassin versant du fleuve Saint-Laurent et des milieux nordiques.
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Apr 10, 2024
Taghipourjavi, Shahabeddin; Kinnard, Christopher; Roy, Alexandre, 2024, "In-situ Soil Temperature Data (2 and 10 cm) in Agro-forested Areas of St-Marthe and St-Maurice for 2020-21 and 2021-22", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP3/LGLCKW, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:zHhVLz/Afg8aoJMKHrSKfA== [fileUNF]
In this dataset, In-situ soil temperature measurements were collected for two consecutive years in Agro-forested areas of St-Maurice and St-Marthe located in south Québec (Canada), from mid-October to the end of April, covering the periods of 2020-21 and 2021-22. 8 and 10 tempera...
Sep 21, 2023
Mavrovic, Alex, 2023, "Non-growing season CH4 fluxes over arctic and boreal environments", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP3/COWXAZ, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:iaVDrkxpHJEELgtcBmvduQ== [fileUNF]
Non-growing season CH4 fluxes over boreal and arctic environments using the snowpack diffusion gradient method. This dataset consists of 802 snowpack diffusion gradient measurements made over five different boreal and arctic ecosystems in Canada and Finland: closed-crown conifero...
Mar 27, 2023
Mavrovic, Alex, 2023, "Non-growing season CO2 fluxes over arctic and boreal environments", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP3/R3KZEQ, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:u35JsrWpGNJSM3chSR9Ssg== [fileUNF]
Non-growing season CO2 fluxes over boreal and arctic environments using the snowpack diffusion gradient method. This dataset consists of 558 snowpack diffusion gradient measurements made over a latitudinal gradient of four different boreal and arctic ecosystems in Canada: closed-...
Mar 20, 2023
Maire, Vincent; Lamarque, Laurent; Lévesque, Esther, 2023, "Plant and soil variables in plots outside and beneath Salix richardsonii patches along active and abandoned channels in a High Arctic tundra", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP3/PAXLVH, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:/wsiWLbam8RBtpKg0RYpTA== [fileUNF]
We explored how erect shrub abundance leads to SOC variation within 20 cm soil cores in a High Arctic tundra (Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada), where the only erect shrub, Salix richardsonii, has settled along currently active and abandoned channel zones of alluvial fans.
Mar 15, 2023
Maire, Vincent; Deschamps, Lucas; Proulx, Raphaël, 2023, "Plant functional traits measured at the individual level within four temperate wetland types (bog, fen, meadow, marsh) in North-East America.", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP3/JFFQ0W, Borealis, V1
We replicated a natural species richness gradient where communities included from 2 to 16 species within four wetlands (bog, fen, meadow, marsh) contrasting in plant productivity. We sampled functional traits from individuals in each community and used hierarchical distributional...
Mar 15, 2021
Roy, Alexandre, 2021, "Tree dielectric measurements in a black spruce forest stand", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP2/GUBS0N, Borealis, V1, UNF:6:tz8JErs6raeuLN9Pb8uH+w== [fileUNF]
Three ruggedized soil moisture sensors (model GS-3; Decagon 302 Devices, Pullman, Washington, USA) were installed directly into 5.6 cm pre-drilled holes (length of probes) within tree trunks, in order to provide a measure tree relative dielectric constant (RDCtree) at Diameter Br...
Nov 20, 2019
Watson, Christopher; Carignan-Guillemette, Léonie; Turcotte, Caroline; Maire, Vincent; Proulx, Raphaël, 2019, "Data used to support a meta-analysis investigating ecological effects of urban lawn management", https://doi.org/10.5683/SP2/RRJTEN, Borealis, V1
This data supports a meta-analysis investigating ecological impacts of intense lawn management (mowing). Raw data on invertebrate abundance and temperature data was collected by Léonie Carignan-Guillemette (2018) and Caroline Turcotte (2017) under the supervision of Raphaël Proul...
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